Squirrel Attack

Squirrels some how got into our deck furniture and started to tear out the cushion.

The girls woke up and saw the squirrels ruining our deck furniture from their bedroom window.  Anna and Cara were pointing and yelling at the window.

Daddy came into their bedroom room after hearing all of the excitement

Daddy: "What's going on girls?"

Anna: "The squirrels are eating our furniture!"

Cara: "They are making me sooo NOT happy"

Cara Getting Out Of Trouble

The girls were yelling at each other while playing.

Daddy: "Girls, no more yelling in the house. Cara, do you understand?"

Cara trying to explain: "I wasn't yelling. See? Hooo, Hooo!" (Cara is hooting like an owl)

Look at these troublemakers...they look guilty!