Halloween 2014

For Halloween, Anna dressed up as Princess Anna from the movie Frozen, and Cara dressed up as a stick figure. I created Anna's pink cape to go with the costume we bought and I made Cara's costume out of battery powered Christmas lights attached to a hooded fleece onesie. TOO CUTE!

Stick Figure in action!

Anna poses with her daddy!

Mommy getting some pictures with the girls. 

Cara in action, our walking stick figure

Frozen on Ice with Anna

We couldn't resist taking Anna to Disney's Frozen on Ice performance at the Patriot Center. She loved the movie so much, AND Princess Anna is named after her :)

Anna dressed up in her Princess Anna costume and waiting happily for the performance to begin. 

Below is the stage before the performance started. 

This is the scene where Olaf dreams of summer. The colorful costumes were delightful.

Princess Elsa singing the famous "Let It Go"